Merlins & Speaker Wire

New Merlin TSM's seem to get some flak for being hard to match to speaker wire. Cardas gets a lot of nods, but gee....I'd love to spend less! Any good wire out there for the Merlins (used is fine too!) for under 300-400 bucks?


Been using Anti-cables for years with VSM-MM's and like them alot,good luck,Bob
I'll second the TG Audio wire. I've been running these with my TSM-MX's since getting them about 8 years ago. Very nice match.
robert, imho, the tsms are very linear and continuous sounding. i have never heard anyone give them flack about being hard to match to speaker wire. but because they are known to have a lot of resolution, you do not want to match them to something with an obvious character. in your price range and with the amp you are intending to purchase, look into the cardas se 9, single run and use my jumpers. this is a wire made for your kind of amp.
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