Merlins under $3,000?

I posted a question asking for favorite speakers under $3,000, b/c I'm looking. Several people recommended Merlin VSMs (I need floorstanders).

They have great reviews (thanks everyone who replied), but what kind of VSM is under $3,000? Not the ones I see for sale on Agon.

Also...what sort of impact does the BAM have. I have a 20' by 16' room which is very open. I've read that the Merlins might not be able to fill a room that size, which doesn't seem that big to me. Plus I love a deep bass. Would owner's suggest running a sub (or two) with the Merlins?
the VSM has been in production for MANY years ... older versions can be had for well under $3k but do not come up too frequently. oldest are NOT upgradable to current status due to the "lead free" design of current model (check with Merlin on this to be sure)

I had the VSM SE and it was a very good loudspeaker
I think you'll have a hard time finding VSMs under $3000. I'm not sure why you "need" floorstanders. TSMs with a reasonably good sub are terrific!

p.s. I've owned both VSMs and TSMs. I presently own TSMs
Another "p.s.": I don't think you'll have trouble "filling" your room with the proper amplification. I have a similarly-sized room