Merrill tables

Anyone have experience with the "New" Merrill table? I owned one in the past. Bought it brand new in '84 for $900.00. The new ones look the same but they cost about ten times the original. I sold my table in '96 (should have just put it in storage). I'd like to get back into analog, I kept all my records but in these recessionary times reaching for a New one is tough! Are the new ones worth the price?
Yes the springs are definitely a worthwhile upgrade. They are machined out of a single metal stock, with double helix counter-wound geometry to prevent binding and swaying. With the flat top and bottom, they are really easy to install too, no more turning to dial in the sweet spot.
For all of you lucky enough to own an old Merrill Heirloom out there, rescue them out of the attic and contact Anthony at MSR LLC ( for many worthwhile upgrades.
See this page for pricing of upgrade options:

You will end up with a table sounding much better than contemporary TTs in the same price range.
Vinh Vu
By the way, here is a page out of a Jeff Day review on 6moons talking about the Heirloom restored TT:
Vinh Vu
The government calculation is based on inflation rate of less than 3% a year. I wish that is the case every time I fill up my car. I suspect audio inflation rate would be more because of the small market demand on which high fixed costs have to be amortized.
One would think that audio manufacturers must be making a killing with all these exorbitant prices. Remind me of a joke I heard in the elevator at a recent audio show: "Do you know how to make a million in high-end audio? Start out with 2" :-)
I own a Merrill Heirloom and it is in Anthony's hands as I write. I am going for the full refurbish and I am going to have a new Ortofon arm installed. I always said the Heirloom was going to be my last table, but knowing Anthony's work and George's ideas, I decided to take a leap.

When I get it back in a few weeks, I will be sure to come back and write a review. For more Merrill info: