Met Opera HD.....The Ultimate HiFi Sound??

I went to a Century theater yesterday to see Anna Netrebko and Lucia di Lammermoor....Wow....what sound. A earlier visit to La Rondine was dissapointing as there was technical sound problems...but yesterday was perfect. I was struck by the the sound of the harp was stunning. On a whole the overall sound quality was something I dream about....natural,dynamic,and very smooth.

I would love to hear the technical considerations on how this is broadcast. I know it is by sattelite...but at what rate...128 bit? Brings up all kinds of questions...

This has to be digital at it's best....Purchased tickets for Madame Butterfly already....but being in Reno...mostly cowboys as the theater was less than half full yesterday.
I would also like to know further technical details on these broadcasts.

By the way, there are a few folk in Nevada with culture. I do agree, however, that the majority only encounter culture if they dress their salads with Roquefort or get a yeast infection.