Metal cabinet speakers

I like the idea of a very strong inert metal cabinet. Besides Magico, Steinheim and T+A.. who else makes metal cabinet speakers?
From the AudioMachina website,

“AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System is designed and manufactured to the very highest and most uncompromising standards in every way, from the smallest parts to the meticulously perfected layout to the manufacturing process to the final finished product. All enclosures are precision CNC machined, in our own manufacturing facility, from 100% aerospace-quality solid Aluminum Block. The XTAC Amplifiers are each made up of solid precision machined blocks, and the XTAC Speaker Modules represent, to our knowledge, the most advanced cabinet design ever achieved in the history of the world: Each XTAC Speaker Module is precision CNC machined, inside and out, from only one solid block of solid Aluminum. Yes, you read that correctly: The XTAC Speaker Module cabinets are one single piece of solid machined metal, with no joints, no separate pieces, no hardware to bolt those pieces together, or anything else that would reduce the insane stiffness, strength, and inertness achieved by making them out of a single solid block of metal. This is but one example, out of dozens upon dozens of examples, all leading to the same conclusion: The AudioMachina XTAC Master Reference System is so far beyond any other loudspeaker ever made, in so many ways, that there is simply no comparison.”
Bad rap MAGICO dude they sold over 750 pairs of A3s as many people love lifeless sounding speakers.The reviews are great because the speakers are great!!What do you have??? 
Paradigm Persona’s are not metal. They are wood composite. 

Also, different metals have different damping factors. There are far too many variables to make any judgement on this. 
I did a tour of the YG facility and their process was super impressive, and the speakers did sound great. They CNC all their own parts/drivers/cabinets out of 2" thick aircraft grade aluminum.  No parallel surfaces, double walled cabinet construction. Apparently it takes 120 hours of CNC milling for them to make a single pair of Sonjas.
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