metric screws for TP 50 head Thorens TD 150

I have a new Thorens TP 50 head that fits on the TP 13 arm. I have never used it because when I purchased it from Thorens, they were not able to supply the proper length screws to mount my cartridge.

At any rate, I'm having problems with a audible hum that grows louder with use in any session and I can't seem to fix it with various grounding options. My 35 year old TP 50 head has a crack in the plastic inslulation and I'd really like to replace it with my new one.

Does anyone know of a supplier for small metric screws that might fit.

Anyone have experience with this TT and have any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch.

email and there's an outfit in the uk who specialize in thorens can contact them through their adds on ebay.
Try a hobby shop. They will usually carry both metric and english screws in the small sizes...2mm, 2.5mm etc.

Also, an audio store who carries turntables (I'm talking older specialty-audio stores not your big-box chain retailers) will usually have a box of small screws that they might let you rummage through.

If all else fails, find the right size screw and cut it to length. There are tools made for cutting screws and there are cut-off disks that you can use in a Dremmel.