Metrum Dac owners


Recently purchased an Onyx, which is a very impressive dac.  I'm just wondering if you guys use any USB to SPDIF devices like the Schiit EITR or USB regenators, and do they make any difference?

I recently purchased the Onyx from hifi heaven, still in the break-in period but I already hear all the qualities nitewulf describes above. It  sounds weighty and substantial while at the same time extremely resolving, and the soundstage is deep and broad, somewhat holographic (other components: Wyred4sound stp-se stage 2, First Watt F7, DeVore The Nines). I admit though I am somewhat of a Metrum fanboy, having owned the octave, musette, amethyst and now this. I love that the founders answer emails quickly, as if they are a local dealer. Can’t wait to check out their Roon endpoint Ambre when it comes out.
@nitewulf  I'd be interested to know what works well for you on the USB input of the Onyx as well, so if you try something that works wonders, please update us.  

I also picked up an Onyx last week, and with only 60 or so hours on it, I REALLY, REALLY like what I am hearing so far.  As mentioned above, it has all the detail I could want, but it isn't at the cost of being bright or harsh, nor does it have the stereotypical digital hard sound. I had to try an R2R DAC once again, since my last time with one was anything but rewarding.  It was a Holo Audio Spring Lev3 DAC, and I found it very lackluster and boring in my system. No synergy whatsoever. This was via USB though, not thru the recommended I2S input. I'm not saying the Holo is a bad DAC, it just didn't play for me.

The Onyx manual states it will take 3-4 weeks for the DAC to sound its best. I am running it 24/7 with music, so I can't wait to see where it lands. Pretty awesome so far, I must admit! Color me impressed!
I have an UpTone regen that I used when my laptop was the source (now it is the SoTM), which I will hook up once the onyx is broken in to see what the effect is...
@roncagg , yeah let us know. I'm honestly confused by the vast array of things out there. I was gonna get a Schiit Eitr and call it a day but sometimes manufacturers optimize particular inputs, and I'm not sure if the coax input in Metrum dacs would be better than the USB inputs. There are way too many USB isolators/regenarators. IFI has like 26 devices, Uptone Regen/LPS is also something I'm considering, it'll take me a while to make up my mind.
New Metrum Acoustics forum: and they have announced their Ambre Roon endpoint too.