Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC

I own an Eastern Electric DAC, the older one with volume control, no mods. Have any of you in the community compared these two units? Would I be better off doing the op amp upgrade, buy the newest EE with upgrades?

I have enjoyed the EE and like it well enough, but I am curious about the Metrum. I would like slightly more warmth, more fullness, a little more meat and bones, without losing any of the detail I now enjoy.
Wow Sibelius. After checking out the equipment in your system, I really am quite envious and hold your opinion regarding the EE/Metrum comparison in high regard. High efficiency speakers driven by low power tube amps is definitely my cup of tea. Thanks for you input and looking forward to a follow up.
Devilboy: Thank you. It's taken me a lot of time and experimenting to get to the point where I recognize my musical biases and feel like I've matched my equipment reasonably well. I would never claim that HE speaker/low power amp camp is the most accurate way to reproduce music. However, I find I respond emotionally to the music more with this combo than any other I've tried to date.
The emotional response you mention is more significant than any supposed accuracy(how would you determine it anyway?). Live music provokes an emotional involvement. If your system provides that you`ve done something right in putting it together.This attribute has the highest priority for me,without it what`s the point of listening if there`s no connection.HE speakers and low power amps is a good pathway.
I concur with Sibelus' findings ... the EE DAC Plus is a very 'exciting' sounding DAC. The Metrum is more laid back and smooth, but sometimes overly so in my opinion. I have the DEXA's in my EE DAC, and they are a very noticable upgrade that I'd suggest all buyers opt for direct from Bill at Morningstar.
Hi Guys,
I just live a few miles from Sibelius and I just bought his Metrum Octave as I too have an EE+ Dac with upgraded discrete opamps, but I used Sonic Imagery opamps (a local California company). I will post my impressions after I receive the unit. I will say that the opamp upgrade was a huge upgrade and really brought the emotional enjoyment factor in my system up several notches! I also have the latest version of the Tranquility SE Dac so it maybe fun to compare all three.
And Sibelius it maybe fun sometime also to compare the Sonic Imagery opamps with the Dexa. Maybe we can find a time to do that in person!