Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC

I own an Eastern Electric DAC, the older one with volume control, no mods. Have any of you in the community compared these two units? Would I be better off doing the op amp upgrade, buy the newest EE with upgrades?

I have enjoyed the EE and like it well enough, but I am curious about the Metrum. I would like slightly more warmth, more fullness, a little more meat and bones, without losing any of the detail I now enjoy.
I concur with Sibelus' findings ... the EE DAC Plus is a very 'exciting' sounding DAC. The Metrum is more laid back and smooth, but sometimes overly so in my opinion. I have the DEXA's in my EE DAC, and they are a very noticable upgrade that I'd suggest all buyers opt for direct from Bill at Morningstar.
Hi Guys,
I just live a few miles from Sibelius and I just bought his Metrum Octave as I too have an EE+ Dac with upgraded discrete opamps, but I used Sonic Imagery opamps (a local California company). I will post my impressions after I receive the unit. I will say that the opamp upgrade was a huge upgrade and really brought the emotional enjoyment factor in my system up several notches! I also have the latest version of the Tranquility SE Dac so it maybe fun to compare all three.
And Sibelius it maybe fun sometime also to compare the Sonic Imagery opamps with the Dexa. Maybe we can find a time to do that in person!

Enjoy the Metrum. It's on its way.

Have not heard of Sonic Imagery. Would be interested in hearing them sometime. In addition to the Dexas I also have Burson discrete opamps that have a completely different sonic signature. Where the Dexas are clean and crystaline in character, the Bursons have more meat on the bone with better bass.
For those of us watching from the bleachers, please continue to give us your results and opinions from your comparisons. The DACs you are comparing seem to be in the sweet spot for price/performance/value and are great components which many of us are interested in, but don't have the resources to buy/compare/sell/return, so thanks for your efforts.
Sonic Imagery seems to offer for this opamp a DIY kit.

Once again, a caution in regards to jumping to conclusions with the DEXA and Burson discrete Opamps for the EE Minimax DAC Plus; if you only have one rig and never want to change out anything again, sure you can claim whichever is "best". I have built multiple rigs since the article and have consistently found no predictable result in which combination or set of DEXA and Burson Opamps will be superior.

Case in point, I just put in new speakers two days ago and clearly with these speakers and components the Burson are more to my liking, although in the system just prior the NewClassD Opamps were my choice.

It's just not as simple as this or that is better. Thus I recommended the two sets so as to have a system-change-proof solution.