Metrum Octave versus Eastern Electric DAC

I own an Eastern Electric DAC, the older one with volume control, no mods. Have any of you in the community compared these two units? Would I be better off doing the op amp upgrade, buy the newest EE with upgrades?

I have enjoyed the EE and like it well enough, but I am curious about the Metrum. I would like slightly more warmth, more fullness, a little more meat and bones, without losing any of the detail I now enjoy.
Morganc: Apparently you will soon have three very well regarded dacs in your possession. I'm interested to see what you think...

Sibelius Just many hours of burn in did you give the Metrum before selling it?
I too have been following this thread with interest as these are the two dacs I have been considering. I currently own the MHDT Havana with upgraded opamps and I'm looking for someing with a bit more detail and seperation of instruments. Please keep us posted on your findings.



Overall I listened to the Metrum Octave for about 16-17 hours over 6 separate sessions. The sonic character of the Octave was extremely consistant over all my listening sessions. The musical differences between the Metrum (NOS) and modded EE DAC + (SABRE) were very apparent from the beginning. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of listeners would be able to identify which of the two DACs they preferred rather quickly. I think it might be harder when comparing two NOS DACS or two SABRE DACS. Since my sonic preference never wavered over the entire time I compared the DACS I felt comfortable in my decision.
Greg, I was in the same boat as you and if you are a big fan of the Havana, as I am, then the Octave is right up your alley. I've had the Bel Canto DAC2.5 and DAC3, Calyx 24/192, and Berkeley Alpha DAC 1 and 2 since moving my Havana out of my main system, and the Metrum Octave comes the closest in terms of the beautifully rich, saturated tone, but does not overdo it as much as the Havana can sometimes and has the inner detail and transparency that Havana owners are eventually left wanting. My Octave is not broken in yet, but I peg the sound as somewhere in between the Havana and Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 2. It started off more like the BADA2 but is going more towards the Havana as it breaks in (a good thing to me!!). ALL THINGS CONSIDERED I am happy to trade the BADA2 for the Octave while saving thousands of dollars. Certainly there are tradeoffs but I am not left thinking about having the BADA2 back.

Whatever you do get a GOOD USB/firewire-SPDIF converter (or transport if you are using CD). I am finding that it makes a big difference in subtle ways (funny how that works) as I move up the chain.
Has anyone compared the Eastern Electric DAC Plus with Dexa Discrete Op amp to the PS Audio PWD MKII?? I am considering making a change but would like some feedback.