Metrum Onyx versus Metrum Pavane

I wanted to see who has moved up from the Metrum Onyx to the Pavane or Adagio and was it worth it?

I currently run the Onyx with Metrum Ambre via I2S.

Let me know who else out there has experience with Metrum in general.


Got a sudden opportunity to audition Onyx and Aqua La Voce 3 on Monday. Both were excellent and sounded very similar in many respects. The tempo, articulation were spot on, both excelled in portraying rubato phrasing and sounded quite expressive, nuanced and involving. I was actually surprised how much modern DACs have improved. Bought the Aqua due to its’ slightly more optimistic delivery, and more importantly a better USB input. The fact that it’s modular and probably better supported now, also helped with my choice. Onyx though is a great VFM. Sonnet looks interesting as well. Thanks, roncagg.
I had reached out to Metrum and Anjo said they were working on new products and this was back in January...I haven't heard from him since. I know that there is clearly a sore relationship between Metrum and least that's how Anjo put it. He wasn't happy at all.

Also with Onyx- I would only use the AES or I2S to hook up to streamer. I wonder if your experience would have been better if you could have used either option.

From the website, it looks as though Metrum has closed shop. I do not at all regret owning the Pavane L3 however - transient precision, body, raw drive (I feel like I gained another octave), and resolution readily exceed the following DACs in my system: Sonnet Morpheus, Lampizator Atlantic TRP, PS Audio Directsream, Chord Qutest. Impressed is not the right word. It makes my T+A turntable jealous, and I am speechless. 
Had an Onyx, have a Morpheus currently sitting in customs. 

What made you like the L3 more than Morpheus? I also had a PS Audio DirectStream Jr and really enjoyed it, but the preamp section was just horrible and very flat when compared to a proper preamp. Have heard Metrum/Sonnets preamp to be much better.
Regarding Gungnir vs Onyx. 
I used to own an Gungnir Multibit and now I own an Onyx. 
My opinion is that if I had to use the Gungnir I would not bother with being an audiophile. I would sell my HD800 and just quit the hobby. That's how night and day the differences are with that particular headphone. 
As far as I'm concerned, it may be twice the price but it's worth every penny and more. The improvements are priceless. 
Of course this is just my subjective opinion with one particular headphone. 

I did try the Pavane before I bought the Onyx so I knew it would be good because the Pavane was amazing. I never got the chance to test the Onyx against a Pavane L1 so I have no way to gauge the differences. My instinct is that the Pavane is slightly better even though I used Pavane solely with USB (via an ifi micro usb3) and I'm using the Onyx with an OCC Silver AES cable.