Meyer Sound

I have a cousin who works for Meyer Sound in Berkeley CA. She can get me a huge discount on any speaker I want. I would like to know if these are good audiophile speakers. I have heard that they are powered and would love to hear people weigh in on this detail pro or con for 2 channel listening.

I would be using the Meyers(not sure which model yet) with a 2A3 SET power amp and would need high efficiency speakers say in the 93-100db range.

Any ideas about Meyer Sound would be of great value.
Just two nights ago, I heard the SF Jazz Collective at the new Miner Auditorium in SF, which has a Meyer system, and I could not believe how good it sounded (once the tech on the board dialed it in). Meyer systems consistently produce the best concert sound I've ever heard. Don't know about their in-home gear but I'd guess it sounds pretty great, too.
Wrm57 +1 Meyer also did the reinforcement for Yoshi's in Oakland. When the Meyer folks dialed their system in, the sound in that room was simply stunning in almost every seat.

Currently, the best sound in that room is close to the stage or along the middle of the back wall. This is in no part an issue with the Meyer system but rather a generation of hack sound people who do not understand the concept of reinforcing the venue and not simply their seat. That said my blood is up and I will stop the rant.

Meyer produces an extensive line of exceptional products. Sound reinforcement is a different animal. If they make something to fit your needs they would be the people to ask.
Would *love* to hear the Bluehorn system. 
Could only afford it with deep discount.
But we can drool and dream.. :)
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