MF Tri Vista 21 channel dead

Hello everyone. I have the Tri Vista 21 DAC and the right channel is dead. I swapped out the IC to the other side to eliminate the other components as being the culprit. The problem switched to the other side. Can someone provide schematics. MF does not list any USA distributors, and I certainly am not shipping overseas.

Any input as to what to look for regarding the lost right channel?


Racer, My Tri-Vista also has a dead channel. Please keep me informed about the repair cost. I've been debating weather it's worth repairing it or just buying a new DAC.

Good Luck
Mf customer service is horrible. Good luck getting parts for your broken equipment. Just give them a call, er e-mail; oh ya, I forgot, you can't. Let us know if you get it working before 2014.