MFA MAGUS A2 upgrade/repair

I had a annoying noise in my MFA MAGUS A2 that was built in 1988. I purchased it used and really enjoyed it until a couple of months ago this annoying buzz started in my left channel. It is perfectly understandable that components due have parts that simply wear out. I use two Meitner  101 mono blocks amps; I isolated the noise to the Magus and sent it out to Scott Frankland in California to upgrade and repair it. In the interim I purchased a Luminous Audio Passive preamplifier which actually preformed very well. Today, I received my Magus back from Scott packed so well it would have survived the roughest handling.  I returned it to my system with a resulting fantastic SQ!! I especially noticed the much better bass measured against the passive pre amp not that this was the only improvement as the overall sound is terrific! So, this 32 year old component is a credit to its high quality design,  manufacturing and parts. Great Job done by MFA and Scott Frankland!