MHDT Havana best DAC under 600 used?

Is the MHDT Havana the best DAC under $600 used? What other DACs can produce a natural 3-d sound using USB input that sell for under 600 used?
I hear it's a very good DAC but why not put your money towards something that is DSD capable ?
The USB is its weak link. If you are going to use USB as a source, get a converter to spdif. I'm not sureifthe USB is even asynchronous.
the usb is not async. I prefer natural, musical sound as oppose to over clinical which is what I believe this piece does well according to the reviews.

I don't recall the usb vs. spdif input being significantly different in sound, anyone have first hand knowledge would be great..
The USB is definitely the weak link but to answer your question, yes it would be hard to beat at the $600.00 price point if you like an organic lush sound and not a clinical detailed sound. I have mine in a second system and just can't bring myself to sell it.