MHDT Havana vs TADAC

I just bought an MHDT Labs Havana and was wondering if anyone had compared it to the TADAC? I was interested in trying the TADAC, but I could never get an email response from the owner. Tried from both the website and from here, but got no response.

That aside, does anyone have a experience with both DAC's?

Am not familiar with the Havana, but switched from Musical Fidelity to TADAC. Paul is usually very responsive via email. His product, for the price, is unbeatable with exceptional soundstage and clarity. The big feature is the "Tubines" knob, which allows you to control the tube output. I bought his TADAC a few months ago, and replaced his stock 12AU7's with a pair of french Mazda's. The sound is incredible!
I'm interested in both DAC's myself. What are your thoughts on the Havana so far?
I really like it, very smooth, and it's not broken in yet. Much better match with my equipment than the Benchmark I had.