MHDT Orchid or Lampizator Amber 3?

I’m considering one of these. Please share your thoughts, especially if you’ve heard them. I will be streaming 70% and CD’s 30%

Jazz, R&B and classical in that order are my listening habits.

My room is 20x30 and very nice acoustics.

Current system:
Dali Epicon 8, Luxman 509X, PS Audio NuWave DSD, Cambridge CXC, Shunyata interconnects & Nordost speaker cable

Thank you!!!

Quick post. About 5 hours into my new Orchid with standard tube (Western Electric 396A 2C51 D Getter JW military en route). Very impressed so far. Was using an Oppo 105 as may DAC for my Roon prior. The complete sound stage seems to have changed. Almost like listening to a live performance if that makes sense. I by passed the Oppo DAC and connected it in the Orchid via CoAx and my CD’s never sounded better. I was initially concerned that my HiRes files might not sound as detailed. Nope all sound amazing. Definitely warmer and very natural. Will report back after burn in and again after new WE396 installed. Cheers. 
I've read the entire thread and am very interested. My CDP died and I'm thinking about getting a CEC TL5 and an Orchid. I have mild tinnitus and I've been out of audio for a while as a result, but getting back in. This sounds like the DAC for me since I prefer warmth over neutrality and my collection has tons of poorly recorded discs that have sounded less than stellar on some high end systems I've heard. I'm more interested in music than "resolution." A  few questions:

1. How long to get from the US distributor? Wondering if they have stock or if we're waiting on international mail. Which might be a problem at this time. 
2. Where are people getting the tubes? Previously, I had bought tubes from Upscale Audio but I don't see the Western Electric there. 
3. Should I get the Tung Sol upgraded one MHDT offers? Though that would be less interesting to me if it slowed down shipping.
4. As someone who would be listed in the "do not let near a soldering iron" class of individuals, is there someone that does the mods?
5. I listen to mostly rock, punk, alternative and a fair amount of jazz and classical. Wondering if it can keep the rhythm of rock music. Don't want something too 'polite' if that makes any sense. 

Thanks in advance. 
@ghasley looks as though we're on similar sonic trajectories again. Pitting the Amber 3 against the Atlantic TRP and Sonnet Morpheus recently, I have to declare the Amber fully competitive with both. Perhaps absent a little extension at the extremes relative to the TRP but the midband is at least as informative and seductive, if not moreso. 
I have been putting a brand new Amber 3 through it’s paces. Was using a Schiit Gumby multibit so my current baseline might not be sky-high but after trying a number of DACs including the Yggy and some NOS Dacs, with modest gains/differences here and there, the Amber 3 has easily exceeded my expectations so far ... and this is with limited burn-in so far. My first impression is that the sound is spacious, open, detailed, and dynamic. Bass is very solid. One would not think its a tube dac. (it’s running into a Line Magnetic SET amp).

My Amber has their very new standard USB module - apparently based on JLSound’s I2SoverUSB vIII instead of Amanero. (Lucas wrote "USB - JL - Superb!" next to his signature on the sign off on the bottom of the specs/test page). My Gumby has the gen5 usb but I always preferred BNC SPDIF. But the USB on my Amber 3 is absolutely fantastic. And bonus points for fast, silent changes between various PCM and DSD formats (up to DSD512 native).

Very happy so far.
One other note on my new Amber 3. It came with ECC99 input, 12AU7 output, and 6C5S rectifier tubes.