MHDT Orchid v Denafrips Pontus

I've had an Orchid in my system for going on 3 years now. It's a great DAC, does exactly what I bought it for, which is present music in a natural, non-fatiguing way. I've tube rolled with it, used a couple of different digital cables, one of which did provide slightly more detail (Audio Art D-1SE2). I'm Denafrips curious though and would like to see if someone has had both. From reviews, I'm wondering if the Pontus would keep all of that R2R goodness and present more detail than the Orchid. Thanks!


@audiewww  Good point. Actually, I suggested the Holo Audio May vs. Denafrips Terminator. I think that's a more comparable match-up.

Go for it!
Just to clarify, right now the Pontus is connected to
my Cayin A 88T tube integrated. In a couple of months
I will switch back to the Luxman 505ux2 and see how
the Pontus sounds. Using RCA inputs on both integrateds.   





I've had both dacs in my system for a few weeks and decided to keep the orchid.  to me the orchid simply sounds more cohesive.  what i think i am missing with orchid compared to pontus (air, detail etc)  sounded artificial to me.  my speakers are altec horns based and is already full of air and detail so probably didn't need help in that department.  the pontus could probably use another week or two of burn in but i am just happy with the orchid.

@viggen I see it took you about 10 minutes to sell the Pontus 2. Yours and another one listed and sold yesterday. They do be popular. I'm curious if you left it on for a few days before listening? What I've read indicates they don't work well unless they are under power all the time.