MHDT Orchid v Denafrips Pontus

I've had an Orchid in my system for going on 3 years now. It's a great DAC, does exactly what I bought it for, which is present music in a natural, non-fatiguing way. I've tube rolled with it, used a couple of different digital cables, one of which did provide slightly more detail (Audio Art D-1SE2). I'm Denafrips curious though and would like to see if someone has had both. From reviews, I'm wondering if the Pontus would keep all of that R2R goodness and present more detail than the Orchid. Thanks!


thanks for the feedback on the amperex, @audiewww.  i don't really need more warmth.. i bought a second hand HDPlex 300 and previous owner installed a SR Orange fuse.  it's powering a LTA MZ2, my audio PC and Matrix H element.  sound is much smoother/warmer as result amongst other improvements.  was hoping for more of what i am missing from pontus... more extension and soundstage... at least that's what some users reported getting after installing 6922 into orchid... also have an Orange for the Orchid en route.. it's a 1A fuse tho... but, after i placed order, i read grannyring recommends 1.6A.. sigh

@viggen I just discovered something interesting. Perhaps you already know this. MHDT has an eBay (god...will the overloards strip this out?) store. I just looked at it for the first time and there are 3 DACs there not available on his web site or through LTA. One is a special version ($900 more) of the Orchid with the TDA1541 S2 that also now uses the 6922 instead of the 5670. The casework is also different, I like it. Apparently, there is something special about using the 6922s in his DACs.

@audiewww yup seen those on ebuy.  contemplating on swapping the R chips for a S1 chip in the orchid after I am done with all the other upgrades... i think i read some positive reviews on headfi regarding the toucan.

Re: other DACs in the MHDT lineup. I have an Istanbul and I feel that it’s a real sleeper in their lineup. I love it, using the 5670/6920 converter and a 1970s West Germany made Siemens 6922.

FWIW, in. my application switching to the 6922 didn’t make the DAC warmer, just "spicier", for lack of a better way of putting it. Gave it a bit more of a forward orientation. For me, I really like it, although I could see others preferring the more laid back presentation of the 5670.