MHZS 66F vs 88F CD players

Has anyone compared these two players?

And there are people who are cured by snake oil. Come on people. The fact the company marketed the DAC as "customized" was more than enough for me. Why reward negative behavior?

Buyer beware.
Aceboympk (Threads | Answers)

The difference between buying a fake Rolex to save $$ vs a real one is that you get what you pay for -- the fake one will not work as well and most likely break. The MHZS players IMO may be falsely claiming something that isn't (it would be interesting to get Joe from Pac Valve to say a few words on this) -- the difference is that their product actually sounds pretty good on its own merits, and is built rather well to boot.

For the money, their players are a good value, period. Whether you think buying one is 'rewarding bad behavior' or simply trying to get the most bang for the buck could be the subject of a healthy debate with doubtful a conclusive resolution.
WE compared the MHZS 88F and Cary 308T players for an hour yesterday and as compared to MHZS, the Cary sounded muddy and uninvolving, though it is a good player in general. That's the answer I had to pay for.
It certainly shows that the DAC chip itself plays a smaller part in the overall sound than one would think. Enjoy your new player.