Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet

I'm not sure who I can trust anymore.....




Michael Fremer Launches TrackingAngle.com
New site and exciting YouTube channel to bring outstanding reviews, articles, and interviews to

global online audiences

Wyckoff, NJ—June 16th, 2022—Veteran audio journalist and music writer/critic Michael

Fremer will launch the website TrackingAngle.com, the new online home of the pioneering 90s-
era print magazine The Tracking Angle that will cover vinyl records and all things analog. The

site is expected to go live in late Summer 2022. As this new venture begins, Fremer will move
on from AnalogPlanet.com, the vinyl record-centric website he conceived and edited since its
creation more than a decade ago.
“I am excited to create the most comprehensive online platform driven by my passion for
analog playback,” said TrackingAngle founder Michael Fremer.“Our content will focus on
affordable gear, with an emphasis on turntables, phono cartridges, and phono preamps,
reviews of recorded music, interviews with musicians and audio industry experts, and so much
The TrackingAngle YouTube channel will resume immediately broadcasting Fremer’s unique
brand of analog-centric knowledge, insight, and humor that attracted over 50,000 subscribers
to his previous channel, featuring videos that have received more than a half-million views.
Joining Fremer on the website will be over a dozen writers who helped make his previous site a
“must visit” for vinyl record devotees and music lovers. Also teaming with Fremer are former
TTA partners Nick Despotopoulos and David L’Heureux (Groovy Collectibles LLC) who will run all
aspects of website operation and handle advertising sales.
Additionally, “Tracking Angle” was Fremer’s first audiophile music review column, published in
the late ‘80s in The Absolute Sound magazine, to which Fremer is returning as Senior Editor. The
new website will feature “vintage content” from his TAS column and The Tracking
Angle magazine. Following The Beatles’ late-career admonition, Fremer says he is “getting back
to where he once belonged.”

For more information and to register for the mailing list to receive launch notifications, please
visit www.trackingangle.com.

Media contact:
Michael Fremer
Advertising contact:
Nick Despotopoulos

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OP, trust your own ears. 
Exodus 20:4 You shall not make for yourselves an idol….

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You shouldn't be offended by Michael Fremer calling you a a-hole. He told snother audiophile in another form to go "f___himself.

From what I heard, those are just ways of New Yorkers saying "hello"

I knew several reviewers back in the 90s, and Mikey was one of them.  Let me say about him, his ears weren't what you'd think they were back then, and I doubt they got any better with time.  Yes, he kept the torch lit for analog and deserves credit there, but I don't trust his reviews.

Reviewing is a business.  Enough said.