Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet

I'm not sure who I can trust anymore.....




This was other Analog Planet thread and as the other one this one was " fixed " by MF. So he took care of his " guru/expert " analog role he think he has where there is no " land " to errors.. Good for him but really a shame that he fixed all thpse threads after he learned. Yes, he still is a " figure " in audio and I'm not against that:



I think that MF was dishonest to delete some of his posts and fixed other in those threads. because no one are the original whole thread/posts. Pitty.




Mike is a walking, talking anthropomorphic inappropriate joke, just waiting for a chance to embarrass itself whenever he meets or interacts with an actual (and unsuspecting) human being. Its self appointed position as the coolest and funniest joke ever told, is frequently revealed while he stops to explain the attempted  humor that is so trite, juvenile, contrived, stretched, overused and/or inadequate, the words never stand on their own to the point that they produce a laugh. His poor victims smile through his mocking attempts to marginalize their culture, intellect, design acumen, patois, regional and national accents, style of dress, choice of equipment, body type, hair, lunch or the car they drive. If you didn’t grow up Fremer, you’re just not worth respecting, unless associating with you validates the walking, talking joke as the coolest walking, talking joke, which is all the bad joke really wants, besides free stuff. Don’t forget the often present punchline where the joke asks for your stuff as a memento for having come to your place of business so the joke can make a monetized YouTube video at your expense. See, you owe him for that, and it’s his way of telling you that, even if he claims it’s only a joke when you don’t immediately comply or offer up. Don’t worry, he’s experienced. He knows your embarrassment will eat at you and he’ll soon make you another offer to get rid of your stuff. Go ahead and comply this time. That’s when the tone changes and suddenly he’ll trip on himself trying to get out a few lines of praise to make you feel better about having been robbed. 


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Most of time I found that the way Michael hears music falls in line with how I hear it.  I agree most of the time with his reviews.  The most intriguing to me was when he compared his 150K+ table to the Technics 1200G.  I could not believe in many ways how the G sounded very close to and in some ways, had more punch than the state of the art table.  A very honest review to say the least.