Michael Fremer's record cleaning process....

Many years ago (say 15??) Michael Fremer recommend his way of cleaning vinyl records. It was a process that started with the VPI cleaner and solutions and finishing with some dry pads (don’t remember the name) and another run on the VPI (I think). Does anyone remember the process??
P.S. I checked his site and don't see it there?


RWD (Rick)
Honestly, if you are using a good RCM (vacuum or US), you will be much better off than not using anything or using just a brush. Everyone has opinions and that's all they are. At least do something to keep the vinyl clean and you'll be happy.
Ctsooner and all thanks for the comments (and comments). I do have a VPI record cleaning machine and it works well.Good advice. I am looking into the post suggested above by Whart and Mofi. I also asked Grooves if his was different in any way (I believe it was). He has not responded yet. But thank you all!!!

RWD (Rick)
No my friend. The r stands for Rick (Short for Richard). Now, my dad was a GREAT lover of classical music and choose my middle name from the last name of the great German composer. Boy, in 1945, did hear it from the doctors and nurses!!! How could he name his son after THAT German!! He just responded...That, that German made GREAT music, period and .

Just some info.

RWD (Rick)