Mickey Mouse Ears

Let's do an experiment.  While listening to your music system from your ideal seating position, cup both of your hands and place them behind your ears facing the speakers.  Do you like it?  Does it sound better?  There is no doubt it sounds different.  It is not like trying to determine if there is a difference between one cable and another.  I think maybe it does sound better, at least in some qualities.  It's louder for sure.  It's kind of like putting on headphones.  A lot of people probably think headphones sound better than speakers.
If it does sound better in any way, why has no one invented audiophile Micky Mouse ears to wear on your head, too funny looking?  How about a high back chair with reflectors built into the headrest?  What do you think?  Should I run out and get a patent?

That experiment is so old it grew a beard. It is silly because it is not natural and makes the music sound tunnel-like and too close to the ear. It ruins the natural perspective of the speaker. 
thank you roxy54 for telling it better than I could.  I was going to say (and I will say!) that to me it makes the sound boxier and more midrangey.
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