Micro position adjustments

Does anyone notice some big sound changes from some small movements to the position of furniture or equipment/television positioned between your speakers?

For example, if I toe-in my tv or my preamp (that sits just between and below tweeter level of my ProAc Studio 200s) less than one degree, my center image becomes much larger, also comes forward.....and midbass to lower midrange is fuller. Bringing either or both back outward...again, even just a degree or less makes the soundstage more distant and images smaller.

Another  one.....pulling my equipment rack forward/back.....or moving my corner bass traps a mere 1/8” can change my system’s bass response and apparent overall timing.

This all to a degree similar to replacing a component.....

Now, my system is across the short wall of a 13’ x18’ room.....so this is probably affecting a lot of wall reflections etc....


i agree -- you don’t want solid stuff consuming all the space between the speakers, especially where the treble and mids radiate (like big screen tv’s) - proper imaging requires space for the speaker’s normal radiation pattern to ’breathe’, do its thing

also agree toe in and space around the speakers to room boundaries are absolutely critical

proacs are imaging masters, you paid for these brilliant speakers, you should let them do what they are so good at doing!
... we call it ’stereo’ since it’s 2 speakers providing one soundstage ...
No, "stereo" does not mean two speakers at all. The word is from Greek and means "solid," or three-dimensional. A four-channel system is still "stereo" and - some would argue - can have advantages over a two-channel system.
I should update......the front of the Proacs are still over 2 feet forward of any rack or component. Sure, nothing between is nice, but also a compromise in symmetry (components to the side) or long interconnects, speaker cables etc.(Plus, it’s nice to play a movie through occasionally).

Mike posted above about speaker position and symmetry....that’s a given.

But as I mentioned initially.....these super-small changes in equipment or furniture position can have a fairly big effect on soundstage, soundstage size, and tonal balance.
Space forward your rack doesn’t change the negative effect on speakers providing good soundstage, depth, and imaging, IMO.

I also have a mixed room; 2 channel and HT. All my equipment, and TV, is off to the side.

A TV screen in between the speakers, even when behind, to me, is a ‘no no’.

I get that some cannot have a set-up with ‘nothing’ between the speakers, but if you can, might be worth a shot to try. If concerned about speaker cable lengths, IC’s, etc. That is why some put their amp and pre on the floor between speakers. On the floor minimizes the negative effect.

By the way.....just put on Art Pepper - Straight Life.......second track bass is incredible, deep, defined.....Art’s sax is recorded well too. And great jazz....

Anyone that’s got it, throw it on!