Micro Seiki BL-10X turntable

Who is familiar with the Micro Seiki BL-10X turntable?

I received it yesterday and invited a friend to help me assemble/adjust it.

It appeared that the cueing button (acting as a lifter) regulating the upward and downward movement of the tonearm is out of order. I just cannot lower the tonearm to the surface of the record and cannot lift it upwards. Have to do it manually.

I wrote two letters to the seller but he did not reply.

After some Internet search I learned that this button is probably regulated by a belt, which has either skipped the pulley of has been deteriorated due to time.

The seller claimed the TT has not been used for all these years.

How can I get inside to see what happened to this belt?

I will appreciate any comments and ideas.

I will