Micro seiki dql 120

Hi all
I've just got a beautiful micro seiki dql-120 with a ma-505 arm. As I've been told, I t was out of use for more than 20 years, and the son of the passed away owner, which doesn't care about vinyl at all, decided to sell it.
The issues I found were the rubber that is inside the feet is completely damaged and the stylus of the shure v15 type iv that was on the micro headshell, defenitly needs to be replaced. Other than that everything seems to be ok. It's a very well built table with external power supply and as I tested it with a jvc z1s, it sounds accurate (like all decent direct drive tables) with good soundstage, tight bass, neutral mids  and airy highs.
The question is that while I was cleaning it, I proved to pull the platter out but it seems it's not possible. Is anybody knows if the platter of this deck is removeable or fixed?
Any advice will be welcome.
RE: the rubber inside the feet - you could replace the rubber with those felt furniture feet from the dollar store - you'll be surprised how well they work

If you want something better, buy sheet of 1/10" thick sorbothane, cut it to the size of the felt washer and place it between the foot and the felt washer.

If you want the ultimate in isolation, but a sheet of sorbothane, 4 large washers (with small holes) and four ball bearings or marbles - and construct your own isolation feet like this

Then place the turntable on a piece of granite tile with rubber drawer liner in between the granite and the shelf - like this

It works exceptionally well and saves you hundreds of dollars in those specialist shelves and feet