Micromega M-100/150 field reports

Got a M-100 or M-150?  Share your setups, tweaks and observations, and help out your homies.

My initial M-100 config and some early observations in this thread.

Things I'm wondering about:

  • hacks & upgrades to LAN infrastructure including h/w, and whether they make an objective difference in reproduction from the M-100/150
  • power cords/supplies, with same question (objective difference?)
  • MARS room correction performance & value
  • whether Micromega will have any relief for the abject instability of their Android control app (circa 2016)
I suppose I could try Roon for a year but the iPad mini is $100 less than a lifetime Roon subscription. Besides the app on iOS does everything I need it to do and I can use the iPad for other things as well since my old table is getting pretty long in the tooth. 
They are also also adding Roon to firmware hopefully by the end of the year
I don’t know Roon or Roon Labs much, but I do see they have Roon Remote app for Android. Not being a Roon Core owner, all I get is a "Looking for Roon Core" pulser in the UX. From what I could see it appears way, way more polished than the Micromega app for Android (no surprise).

The little I’ve read/seen about Roon Core suggests it has a slick UX, lots of tagging/cataloging/library features including access to a jumbo-size metadata collection, some nice integration with music services (esp. Tidal) and endpoints (amps/dacs/playback devices), the usual commodity streaming/playback features you’ll find on lots of other apps like this, and some ’trophy’ features like MQA transcoding, DSD support and maybe some others.

Best I can tell there’s no credible, empirical data or experiments in the literature that demonstrate Roon Core produces ’better’ output than any one of a number of other playback apps - including free ones. Whether it ’sounds’ better to someone, well, that by definition is subjective. $119/yr or $499/lifetime is a bit dear, given what one gets and what I value. Relative to the alternatives out there, both paid and free, I might consider it at half that price.

I am grateful to the Roon Labs COO for obliquely dismissing some of the industry hype around ’audiophile cables’ (in this case ethernet cables), here: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/validity-of-audiophile-ethernet-cables/30251/25.

A mildly bold move: biting a finger on the hand that feeds them, as it were.
Djones51 - I’m always up for an excuse to buy a new toy.  My wife loves her iPad mini and I use my iPad Pro all the time.  

Usery - in my limited time playing with Roon, Audirvana, and iTunes as the means to get music to the M100, I would say they all sound mostly the same.  Some of the fancy Izotope DSD filters in Audirvana can affect the sound but I’m not sure if I prefer or not.  

Where im digging Roon is on the management of my music.  I’ve got 1300 albums and over 17,000 tracks and it does a great job of suggesting and browsing.  I’ve rediscovered a lot in my collection the last few weeks.  I’m just about to the point where I feel it’s worth the lifetime subscription.   But to each their own.  
Benb at the moment i'm busy ripping and figuring out what I have but I have researched roon mostly for what you are saying the management aspect. That might be a toy I'll find an excuse for around xmas. The iOS app was enough to get me worked up after playing with the android mess which hopefully they will fix as usery said. My mini will be delivered Wed. 
Djones it is very easy to stream a CD library directly to the M100 using Jriver works like a charm and you don't need a usb connection just as long as each device is on the network it sounds great.

Unfortunatly never tested any of our turntables with the M100 we do have a Rega RP8 with Alpheta 2 in the same room this is a fantastic turntable.

If you have any specific questions I would email either Micromega directly or their importer Audio Plus Services, talk to Micheal Russo in service.

If you have any additional questions we can answer please feel free to contact us.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ