Micromega M-100/150 field reports

Got a M-100 or M-150?  Share your setups, tweaks and observations, and help out your homies.

My initial M-100 config and some early observations in this thread.

Things I'm wondering about:

  • hacks & upgrades to LAN infrastructure including h/w, and whether they make an objective difference in reproduction from the M-100/150
  • power cords/supplies, with same question (objective difference?)
  • MARS room correction performance & value
  • whether Micromega will have any relief for the abject instability of their Android control app (circa 2016)
"... is there no way to stream Tidal to the M100?"
vingard: if you’re on Android you’re in luck: BubbleUPnP for DLNA will totally stream Tidal to the M-100 (as UPnP/DLNA renderer). Integration is built right in.

Excellent app, free or paid - but at its modest price (< $5 USD), paid version is a no-brainer: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bubblesoft.android.bubbleupnp
The latest version of the Micromega iOS app now streams Tidal.  I don't have an account so haven't tested.
I don't need jriver to sream my cd library the iOS app for the M100 finds my DLNA server and streams it direct. My router does DLNA I attach a usb drive to the router the M100 finds it, sounds great. That's what I like about the M100 I don't need a seperate streamer it is a streamer , I don't need jriver or any other third party media player. DLNA is built into windows I could simply share a folder on my computer and the M100 finds it, I have tried it works great as well. Now jriver or some of these other players can convert to higher rates and such but I have never noticed any improvement in SQ by doing that. A downloaded file already in a higher rate is different than upconversion which doesn't do much for me. 
Besides if I wamt to convert I can use Foobar convert the files ,save to my hard drive and the M100 will play it. All the M100 needs is a NAS  with DLNA or like I said an old windows computer with DLNA enabled and a shared drive or folder.