Micromega M-100/150 field reports

Got a M-100 or M-150?  Share your setups, tweaks and observations, and help out your homies.

My initial M-100 config and some early observations in this thread.

Things I'm wondering about:

  • hacks & upgrades to LAN infrastructure including h/w, and whether they make an objective difference in reproduction from the M-100/150
  • power cords/supplies, with same question (objective difference?)
  • MARS room correction performance & value
  • whether Micromega will have any relief for the abject instability of their Android control app (circa 2016)
Besides if I wamt to convert I can use Foobar convert the files ,save to my hard drive and the M100 will play it. All the M100 needs is a NAS  with DLNA or like I said an old windows computer with DLNA enabled and a shared drive or folder. 
"I don't need jriver..."
" All the M100 needs is a NAS with DLNA or like I said an old windows computer with DLNA enabled and a shared drive or folder."
djones51: right on ... am a big fan of simplifying and using what we already got and/or is freely available.  The hype surrounding the playback performance of some of the pay-for apps is just that: hype.

usery - curious how many different music streaming programs or apps have you listened to on the Micromega or others?
I have the M-150 and have had it in my listening room for several months. I ignored the MARS (came stock) for about a month and then calibrated the room using the included microphone -- it made a tremendous difference as I have a challenging room full of concrete and glass... i know, i know... However, this is one of the main reasons I purchased this integrated and it's paying significant dividends.

I'll echo what's been said above that the streaming capabilities work very well and I typically run iTunes or Pandora via the airplay interface via the LAN input. I wouldn't say it sounds sublime, but it's the best I've heard considering the source material.

I use a Oppo 203 as a CD source, connected to the line input. I don't have fancy interconnects, but the CD sounds a little bright in general. Extremely detailed, however, and very enjoyable. I have also used the digital out of the Oppo connected to the optical input of the M-150 and this sounds much much smoother and refined. I have yet to explore further.

My turntable, a Linn LP-12, sounds tremendous via the MM input. Enough said there. I was skeptical, but it works. My only complaint is that volume levels need to near 45-60 for decent listening levels -- I'm not sure if that's normal for this amp or not and would be interested in others' perspectives. For the record (pun intended!), my cartridge is a Grado Silver2 and I believe the M-150 sensitivity for MM is 12 mvrms (1.2 mvrms for MC input). As an additional inquiry, if anyone knows, do I risk any damage to my phono stage or speakers if I plug into the MC stage? I have tried it and normal listening levels occur at 25 or so, which I rather like, but I'm not sure if there is any risk of damage to the system. 

Happy to continue engaging in this thread, but these are some thoughts for now.
Can't say about the phono stage but my normal listening levels on M100 for cdp digital in or streaming from my server or radio stations  is about 22- 25.