Micromega M-One Integrated - any first hand experience?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a modern all-in-one integrated amp that includes a really nice phono stage. (I know, I know, this comes up a lot in the forums!)

The Micromega M-One looks like it might fit the bill – simple in form, good range of connectivity options, rumoured to sound great at shows, etc...  But I haven't seen many decent reviews of it. And that seems a bit odd.

The Parasound Halo (as a comparable integrated) is well covered – lots of opinions on it from the audio media. But this M-One has stayed under the radar even though it's been out for several months. Weird.

I know there's a thread on this amp already, but it was started by a dealer – a very knowledgeable and nice one at that – and it kind of lost focus.

I'm just hoping for an unbiased opinion from anyone who's had first hand experience with the M-One and is willing to share any thoughts on its sound and operation.

Thanks for reading this, guys.
I bought an M150 two weeks ago.  The sound is quite good; you can't say that it can't be bettered but it delivers a sound you expect at this price.  The room correction is superb and takes the amp to a higher level.

The big problem is the software.  My amp has been 'aging' rapidly, losing some functions every day.  First, it was the buttons on the amp that stopped working, so that I can only use the remote.  Then, the volume control stopped working so that the volume was fixed at a loud level.  Then even the remote stopped working.  Yesterday, it can't be turned on at all. 

The build and reliability of this amp is disappointing to the extreme.  Amplifiers (non-valve) are usually the most reliable part of the hifi system.  To make matters worse, even the Micromega.com website is difficult to access; I can only access it from my mobile phone but not my computer.  Micromega admit that they are not software experts, but IMHO, the M150 is not a marketable product at all with this degree of unreliability.

By all means burn your money and splash out on this expensive toy.  I did get two weeks of immense pleasure out of it. But I would advise before making the plunge, wait for the company to sort out the software problems first.
That is frustrating, but it isn't the experience of most of us who own the 100 or 150.  If you bought new, have you contacted your dealer?  Otherwise I would try following the procedure to install all of the updates from memory stick.  I've never had issues getting to their website from any device.  Even simpler, have you tried unplugging the power cord for a bit and plugging in again (only guessing on that).
Second what benb says, in spite of our oblique boy-fight on free vs pay-for 'value' in hifi  :  ).   Do what he suggests.

fwiw, given my experience with my M-100 I'm confident in its reliability and performance. So far I rate the unit's overall 'quality' 9 of 10 (only due to weird one-off corruption of network firmware during a UPnP listening session, easily addressed by re-install of the network update).

Also, Micromega seems pretty responsive to support inquiries, as does their distributor here in USA (Audio Plus Service in NY). I've had no problems reaching the Micromega website. Try a traceroute from your home network using www.micromega.com, to see where it fails.
Bernardhk you should try doing a firmware update. Unplug the amp insert a  usb stick with newest firmware in appropriate usb slot  then plug amp back in,  it should install without any user input when finished unplug the amp remove usb stick then plug the amp back up. After the firmware update do the network and usb update if applicable.  If that doesn't fix it call the dealer or Micromega. I have never had a problem going to their site from any device mobile, laptop, desktop. 
Does it have user EQ as well?
Loudness ?
Adjustable crossover for sub out and main speakers ?

Server function ? (Stick a hard drive to the USB port. No expensive audiophile router, nas and cables needed?)