Micromega My DAC to improve sound of Rega Apollo

Has anyone used the Micromega "My DAC" to improve sound of CD playback?? Can't find a major upgrade to my Rega Apollo so have decided to try the DAC solution again.

Would I need to add an expensive digital cable to max out performance??. All comments, advice welcomed.... BTW, I have no interest in computer audio Thank you!!!
Two questions: First, what aspect of the Rega needs improvement? Second, if you believe the Micromega would be superior, why not get their CD player? It would presumably benefit from the integrated design and eliminate the need to play with expensive digital cables.
The Apollo has an edge on the highs and upper mids. It provides an average sound stage, and could be smoother overall. I realize these qualities can be affected by room acoustics and system components and cables, but I think I know the sound of my system fairly well to hear even small differences

I have no idea what the Micromega "My DAC" can offer noticeable improved in CD playback. I am willing to give it a shot but prefer to check with others who have used it.

Micromega CD players have to be more expensive than even the Rega Saturn. Because, it is NOT A MAJOR brand, there will be fewer used ones available. Thanks, Jim
I can't comment on your Rega as I've never heard it, but the MyDAC is very good. easily besting my Esoteric DV-50.

For the money, I find it hard to beat.
I used a MF vDac with a $35 dog cable and I thought the sound of my Rega Apollo improved.
Thank you Hk fan for the comment.

To Michael102467, I know that MF V-DAC is on sale at Music Direct. I will probably try the Micromega which is not that much more money. BTW, What is a $35 "dog" cable" ??