Mid-Fi, Hi-Fi or.....?

For some time I have been collecting vintage (60's/70's) gear of various levels of quality.  Trying to step things up, I am now running a NAD C 375BEE integrated amp through Thiel CS 1.6 speakers.  Am I in the "hi-fi" world now?  If not, where?  LOL.......thanks!!


@ghdprentice Thanks for the info and makes sense.  Before going to the NAD, my "flagship" receivers have been a Sansui 8080, Sherwood SEL-200, Kenwood KR 7600 among others of the sort.  I do really like them along with the various speakers I have bought including Bozak, ADS, Dynaco, Advent, KLH, KEF, Clement and Solus.  

Now I am moving the NAD and Thiels into a main room to test it all out and see how it sounds.  More fun times ahead!!

Yes. Music / Audio is fun at what ever level you are at. I have had a NAD receiver for over 30 years and gave it to a friend that had a contemporary audio video receiver and it sounded much better… the NAD was about 25 pounds the AVR about four. Definitely better sound and build quality.

Many here would call my integrated midfi....yet, since the day it came out, it’s lived on Stereophile’s Class A list. Rightfully so. So....take this stuff with a grain of salt.

@secretguy  per Stereophile’s 2012 Recommended Components about my NAD:


NAD C 375BEE: $1500
The 150Wpc C 375BEE offers five line-level outputs, two sets of preamp outputs, a front-panel minijack for portable music players, a built-in headphone amp, and an optional phono stage ($199). Like models in NAD’s Masters Series, the C 375BEE uses PowerDrive technology to maximize the dynamic power sent to the speakers. Though its headphone amp and phono stage lacked sparkle and detail, the C 375BEE’s overall sound was tight, dynamic, and fast, with crystalline highs and well-extended bass. “A competition crusher,” concluded Sam. Though he admits the NAD belongs in Class B, he’d choose it over many of the amplifiers in Class A. “So good, for so little money, that few are willing to believe it. Are you, JA?” he asks. (Vol.32 No.10)


@johnnotkathi ....If you're enjoying what you're listening to through and with whatever is making it possible....

You've no reason to make an excuse about it, nor any reason to feel guilty or lessened by the means employed....really....

There's a simple cure at hand:


;)  Regards, and yours unruly....