Mid/High Power Phono Cartridges

I need some advise on mid-power to high-power phono cartridges for less than $800. The cartridge needs to have 1 mV or greater output and fit on a Rega tonearm. Some of the cartridges that meet this criteria are Benz's Glider H2 and Clearaudio's Aurum Beta. Does anyone know of other possibilities or have an opinion on these two cartridges?

I have a tube system with an Air Tight ATC-1 Phono/Line Preamp.
I thought the Glider was a good choice.

An attractive alternative, I think, is to consider a good step-up transformer like a Bent Audio TX103 for about $800. This will allow you to access the lower output MC cartridges and will yield you better sound overall, due to this.

I know getting a step-up tranny breaks the budget you stated, because there's no money left for the cartridge. However, you can get a really good low output MC like a Denon DL103R for about $235 that will be at least a match for any Glider and, in my opinion, will be better. Or you could later on get into a Shelter 501 for about $800, and really have the ticket.

Just some thoughts about various options.
How about the Dynavector's? You've got 2 choices in high output moving coils from them, the 10x5 or the 20X-H. I moved from a Grado Platinum to a 20X-H and found it to be a great move. All the detail and excitement of a MC wityh a much more extended and smoother top end than the Grado. The mids are about the same as the Grado. The bass is a little lighter.

I second the Dynavector recommendation. I have a 20xh and I think it is a superb value. Compared to my Grado Sonata, the 20xh is more transparent and lucid sounding. I thought that the bass was lighter but it is not, it is just cleaner and faster. My friend measured it with a test record and the ouput at below 30hz was the equal of the Grado. The Grado bass is a bit loose and bloated, which helps a bass shy system.

Ultimately, as TWL mentioned the step-up is the best way to go. I have a Shelter 901 (with step-up) and it is an order of a magnitude better than the Dynavector. But it is also 3x the price plus the need for a step-up.
I don't know if this one will be compatible w/ the Rega tonearm, but for $125 you can get an Ortofon X5 MC (2.5 mV) from member 2Juki in Hong Kong ($325 US list price). I don't think that can be beat. I would get a small ONEAC isolation transformer/filter from eBay ($25-45) for the tube pre and further improve its performance.

I like to enhance my buying power...