MidFi multi channel solution needed for HT.

Due to financial position currently, I can't purchase what I want, so to fill the short term need ... I need a multi channel solution below a $4000 threshold. My speakers demand plenty of high quality power to perform at their best, so I am looking to fill that void that was once filled with high end 2 ch separates. If anyone could comment on their own experiences with any of the below solutions I would appreciate it.

Looking for anyone to comment or suggest on their experience they addressed themselves or have helped others reach a well thought out conclusion on same topic. I am looking for a best quality AVR or separate solution. Not necessarily one with the most features. Budget is $2k-4k

Looking for suggestions from those that have had experience with high quality AVRs or midfi AV separates. Entertaining the following products / companies, not in any particular order.

Considering the following AVRs

NAD t777v3 - great sound has Dirac, but unclear if replacement is coming shortly
Arcam -- buggy and unreliable track record but great sound
Cambridge cx200 - no RC to speak of other than REW 3rd party
Lexicon RV9 - unproven track record since Harman acquired them.
Rotel RMB1580 - expensive
Anthem MRX720 - rumor has it that ARC is 2nd to Dirac.

Not considering any other AVRs as a powered solution. But, I am considering a possible use of denon or marantz avr as a preamp as a midfi separates setup, but not sure how the sound quality would compare to the above AVRs.

1. Outlaw 976 with 5-7ch amp ( ati, monoprice, outlaw, rotel or other midfi amp)
2. Midfi AVR such as ( denon 6x00 or Marantz701x ) with separate amplifiers

My biggest stumbling block in the decision process is whether or not the Outlaw 976 will be 'better' than any of the listed solutions on the preamp and processing end of things. And I am hesitant to jump on board with the Outlaw 976, due to major omissions ( no upgrade path, no network or usb connections ). And the tech support is questionable. But if it sounds hands above the rest, I would gladly consider it.

Looking forward to hearing what others can suggest.

current components:

b&w cdm9nt with matching center ch
Kimber Kable 8tc
Kimber Kable ICs

Thx in advance.

So I finally decided to pull trigger on amp. Getting the Rotel RMB1575 5x200.Thanks for all of your input.

For my amp setup which fuse do I need?

Marantz 7704 -- Silverstar 2.5A SMALL SB -- ordered - PConnexion didn't have any 1.8A -- I assume the 2.5A will be ok?

ROTEL RMB-1585 -- which fuse and how many?

Does your recommendation still stand on the the silver - wherever I can add it in ... I should do so?

Which PC for the ROTEL?

Which Audioquest XLRs?
I have B&W  based 11 channel system with Anthem AVM60 and Rotel RMB1095. 803D's for the mains. Very happy with the system for the money
@lightfighter2018 for analog XLR just get Benchmark XLR it should good. No need to spend extra on Audioquest.
You don't need to change fuse for the Rotel RMB-1585. Did you get the RMB-1585 or the RMB-1575? 
The RMB-1585 is a great amp especially for the money.

I actually acquired a newish ATI 2007 for a good deal, from a friend so I went with it. My next foray will be to get a new/gently used 2ch amp for L&R.

But, for now I think I will enjoy the amp for what it is -- but my next immediate step is to get some decent XLRs and power cords and usb cables.

So - if you have any recommendations on cables - I am listening.

After that, I will focus on saving for a 2ch that is a bit ’better’ than the Rotel’s of the world.