Mike Doughty Fans?

I just wanted to give Mike some props in regards to his recent album Haughty Melodic. It is a great listen and has been one of my best purchases of 2005. I date back to the Soul Coughing days as a fan.. Anyone else?

Any more Soul Coughing fans out there? I recently started listening to Ruby Vroom, Irristible Bliss, and El Oso. It's been since about 1999/2000 since I last listened. I must have lost them in the shuffles of life but a friend loaned them to me and I once again reminded how fresh those guys were. Lots of great memories coming back. Love those bass lines!

"Normalize the signal and you're banging on freon
paleolithic eon
put the fake goatee on
and it booms as cool as
sugar free jazz"
Big Soul Coughing fan here. I saw them multiple times, mostly at CB313 Gallery in NYC, once at Wetlands with Cibo Mato (great show), and waaaay back, in '93 or so, at Nell's, playing to a mostly empty room.

Their live shows were always a sonic treat. CB313 was one of the most intimate venues I've ever seen music at, standing so close to the band that it was almost awkward.

I still have 2 or 3 playlists, handwritten by Mike (or M. Doughty as he referred to himself back then), nicked off of the stage by me at the end of their set(s).
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