Miles Davis "Sketches Of Spain"

While delving through my archive papers from my days at CBS, I came across the original 1960 broadcast review papers that were sent along with the LP to Program Directors in the Radio medium. I don't know how this ended up in files. In 1960 I was toting a rifle for Uncle Sam and did not start at CBS till 1974. Anyway this ended up in my papers. This is an indepth look on how this recording came to be, with full behind the scenes of the recording event as well as the principles involved. Nat Hentoff did this for CBS/Columbia. No one today in the record business releases such an indepth article on a recording such as this one. One thing about CBS/Columbia back in the day, they knew how to press records and promote them like no other in the business.

If any audiogon members would like a copy of this rare piece of music history drop me a line. I have it on a PDF file I can forward without charge.
Hmmm...I started buying Columbias (The Byrds) in 1965. I was 13 and noticed by 1969 that every Columbia I bought, whether The Byrds, Dylan, Santana, etc. sounded bad compared to, say, Warner Bros., Reprise, or a bunch of small labels. I remember reading an article in Rolling Stone in about 1970-71 that complained about the poor sound quality of Columbia records.
Me too. Thanks! I've only heard it on CD. Perhaps the most frustrating disc in my collection. Love the music, hate the recording. Trumpets sound like the mike was shoved right in front of the the bell. The soundstage makes me think the band was lined up on both sides of a hallway. Very weird, no other recording I've ever heard sounds quite the way this one does. I'm very curious to read about the recording of this session.