Millercarbon's Mega Moab Mod Meander

One of the all time great automotive engineers, Norbert Singer, was a key player in every one of the 16 Porsche LeMans victories from 1970 to 1998. His dominance was such that at one point Porsche had won LeMans more than all other marques combined. This was all accomplished by building on the already solid foundation of Porsche production models. The air cooled flat 12 in the 917 was really two flat sixes combined to make 12. This car so dominated motorsport the rules had to be changed to stop it!  

So Norbert Singer modified Porsche production technology to extract the absolute most for racing. His legacy is today’s Singer Vehicle Design Norbert doesn’t make for a very good car name so they called it Singer. What is a Singer? It is a modified Porsche. It is in essence a hot rod. What Norbert Singer did was make the most hot rod racing Porsche. What Singer does is take that to the next level, capturing every aspect of Porsche right down to excellence of design and aesthetics.  

I am not anywhere near the level of Singer. But that is the spirit of what we are doing: taking an already world-class design and hot-rodding it to be even better. Well, better for me anyway- or so we hope!

The early modders started with substituting off the shelf parts to get more power or less weight. That is pretty much all we are doing here. Would be cool if some day people are doing this with a lot more sophisticated approach. Maybe they will. Maybe even I will. For now though we have the current crossover project.

My approach is pretty simple: better parts sound better.  

This lesson was learned back in the late 90’s with Linaeum Model 10 speakers. The designer had a new tweeter and told me how to modify the crossover for it. Simple mod, one cap, one resistor. Bought the parts from Radio Shack, put it together, sounded like crap. Absolute horrid crap! Called him up, he said those parts are crap. Said Musicap, Vishay. But they measure the same? Just do it. I did. It worked. Even though they measure exactly the same, the sound difference is off the charts.  

Even though they measure exactly the same. There is a lesson here. For those willing to learn.

So this is the essence of it: Eric Alexander has made a speaker the equivalent of a Porsche 911. Even better: an affordable Porsche 911! But after a while with my 911, after learning what makes it drive and feel the way it does, it was only natural to change the shocks and torsion bar and other items to bring out even more of what I like so much about the 911.  

That is what we are doing here. Hot-rodding a speaker. Thank you Rick for the metaphor!  

The parts are on order. Next week the fun begins!
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Good luck with such facts. I am not removing people from anywhere, but I do wonder how posts with obvious hatred and denigrating others are allowed to stay.

For example, millercarbon's post above ends with glorifying rage and violence. All because some company did not have an item in stock. I think such things do not have place in an otherwise peaceful venue. They are neither funny, nor witty. They are pure angry hate. Sure, my link to an anger management course got removed while millercarbon's unpleasant link to pure violence stayed.

It is baffling how many times have members here been called morons, hateful, and other truly unacceptable names. Over and over. One thing is to be arrogant, the other is to be hostile.
Name calling like that is unacceptable really, by anyone. Unnecessary.
Such behavior needs to change. Stalking and trolling along with it.
I'm guilty of saying things that I regret later. - rixthetrick

Why doesn't MC simply go outboard with his crossover?
I can tell you why I would wait to go outboard, unless it was an intention in the original design (Eric did not design it to be outboard).

I would have to determine that the new crossover is indeed superior to the old crossover first. Then I'd have to determine which conductors I'd decide would best go with the lengthening of wires from the crossover.

Knowing that in order to correctly implement an outboard crossover, generally terminals needs to be added to connect the extra wires for the three way driver configuration that was implemented in the original design.
I suppose sealed pairs of wires could come out the back of the cabinet, requiring engineering and modification of the cabinet.

Once such an undertaking takes place, there is really no turning back to restore them to original, as it stands, he can restore to original with a soldering iron, by restoring the original crossovers.

There would be no good reason to run all of his internal speakers wires (which are quite a few, considering the array) through his port, and so further modification to the cabinet would be required.

That's why I would do it in stages, if I was asked the same question.
And that is why it is being done in stages. As already explained in this thread, this is Phase One. Whether or not Phase Two happens we will see. One step at a time. 

Post above deleted by myself.  Thank you glupson for your comment, I completely agree with you.