Is this the same guy who used to post frequently in the Audiogon forums?

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@chrshanl37LOL, nice to start my day off with a laugh.

I don't like to cast stones, but if there was ever a legend in his own mind.......


Asking $200 for "custom" twisted wire with a ridiculous "development" story.

The guy is a genius.

Yup, looks like it ticks all the boxes for audiophool requirements.

My answer see below:


The website is a bit amateurish. The masthead says "HIGH ED" rather than "High End" -- or am I missing something? "The People" features one interview with Tekton, a brand MC touted over and over again. And then I think he ditched them. (Or was that Raven? Or both? Everything is the "unquestionable best"'s not.)

The writing is often informal and sophomoric sounding. At least, to me. (Example: What the heck is a sound field isolator? Hard to say. Candidly, full disclosure, and being my usual ruthlessly truthful self, I just made it up. Thats right! Made it up! Out of thin air! So there! Because, as usual with stuff I make up, it describes as accurately as possible what I think is going on.)

Remember that Seinfeld skit where Elaine gets called out for all her exclamation points? Nuff said.