Is this the same guy who used to post frequently in the Audiogon forums?


Users like millercarbon come-and-go. They flood the site with words, proclaim themselves as an absolute authority and issue proclamations from on high. But their egos can't withstand even thoughtful questioning and they eventually crash and burn. In the interim, they obstruct conversation. They like it that way. It has to be about them.

Once upon a time I wrote a post in MC's defense which he quickly honored as "Post Of The Year" and reprinted in full.
Few months later, he delivered one of those insanely paranoid political rants that has no business here  (or in any half-serious publication, IMO), which he got removed (mine, not his) almost immediately.
So I soon discovered what veteran members had long known already -- that MC is only and always about himself.

Years later I still wonder whether Kevin Deal's impeccable takedown of Raven vs Prima Luna was what "shamed" (if he can he be shamed) MC out of the forum?