Milton Nascimento

I was wondering if there's any Milton Nascimento fans on Agon. I was introduced to him by a David Byrne CD called Brazil Classics that I bought a very, very (maybe 18 years)long time ago. I recently decided to dive into the musicians from this Byrne compilation so I ordered Milton Nascimento / Lo Borges - Clube Da Esquina. I can't believe I had never heard this before. David Byrne must have had the same experience. It's simply amazing. I need more. If you're familiar with Milton or Lo Borges, please suggest some other music for me to try.
my favorite Milton Nascimento is a collaboration with Wayne Shorter called 'Native Dancer' - both artists shine on this one and the synergy is seamless. plus, if you're into LPs, it's easy to find on vinyl for cheap.
Thanks Musicslug. I'm going to check that out. I think I might try Pieta also. I've been reading some reviews that are very favorable.
I noticed you already ordered Clube da Esquina.
Here are 2 others I really like.
They are 2 albums both called Milton.

The first one is from 1970 and the first tune is Para Lennon E McCartney.

The 2nd one is from 1976 Milton (raca) Wayne Shorter makes a guest appearance. Also an excellent sounding recording.
Thanks Oddmorning. Yes, I bought Clube da Easquina as a Christmas gift to my wife. I'm so glad I did. We love every song. What a ride. After we played it in it's entirety on Christmas morning, she reminded me that it was her CD. She's very lucky.

I'll check out your suggestions. I know Milton loved Lennon and McCartney.
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