Mini Bluetooth speaker for outdoors... recommendation-seeker...

As the title implies I'm in the market for a small bluetooth speaker that I can take outside. I'm looking for something's that's less than a 1 lb. (In fact, the smaller the better... less than 10 oz. is even better), has great battery life, some water resistance (could be in/around water, shower, rain), and is designed well enough to be carried or shoved away. I'm thinking of spending no more than 50 USD because while I think sound is important, I won't be blasting anything with this speaker... mostly just podcasts and light tunes.

I'm looking at Anker Souncore Mini 3, Flare 2, Icon Mini & JBL Clip 4 & 3Go. Again, mostly interested in a lightweight, go anywhere, do anything minimalist speaker. I have a Soundcore 1 and it's been old reliable, but ideally something smaller / lighter would be cool. Thanks.


I was going to suggest the Marshall Emberton. I have one in my garage and it’s great. But not for $50. 

For $50, I’d just look for something used on CL or FB Marketplace near you. 

oontz angle 3 costs around $30 and sounds surprisingly good; also waterproof and durable

JBL Flip or Sony SRS XB13. The JBL has better bass, both work well and have long lasting batteries. 

I’ve owned Oontz and many JBLs. I think you want a Harmony Note 10/.

$30, waterproof, under 13 oz., better sound than larger JBLs.

And it will play 32 Gb microSD cards, no BT required.

Two of them automatically go into stereo mode, no stupid app (like JBL) needed.