Mini Maggie System hurts to listen to

I went to a local audio dealer to audition different speakers for a home office. I listened to the mini-maggie system extensively, loved it, and brought it home. Unfortunately at home they are causing something I've never experienced before. After listening to them I feel a clogged sensation in my ears and an almost reflexive cringing at higher frequency sounds. I've put in the included tweeter resistor which helped slightly but not enough. Listening levels are low. At the dealer the maggies had a lot more space behind them then they do here. They are being powered by a Peachtree Inova. Some recordings are worse than others but almost all cause this with time. Sources are digital and vinyl. ~80 hours on the speakers. Any thoughts?
I'm not familiar with the "mini", but after looking them up, and seeing how small they are, I'm wondering if you're listening to them more near field in your office than you did at the dealer. Is there any way you can move back away? I have a pair of Monsoon plainers on my computer, they don't sound "right" unless I move well back from the desk they are on. I don't listen critically to them much (really only NPR news & YouTube), so it doesn't bother me, but they really CAN sound good if I just roll my chair back a few feet.
1) my 1.7's took about 3 months to fully break in
2)I found power connector and interconnects contributed to edge. Audioadvisor has a Pangea power cable and Black Mamba II interconnect combo that I'm very happy with (although I do like the PS Audio jewel power cable more)
3) make sure amp and speakers aren't on same piece of furniture, you could have feedback issues

if remedying these doesn't work, borrow a better source and don't be surprised if you have an "ah ha" moment.
Put in a higher value resister. My MMG's needed more than the ones supplied as I can recall. They sounded fine after that.
After being impressed in store I demoed the 12QR in my system. Tried all the tricks recommended by members here to tame that irritating sound. After ten days I gave up and returned the speakers.
They simply weren't to my taste.