Minimum room size for Wilson Sophia II

I'm looking for help resolving an issue where music can be heard outside my house with doors/windows closed. The the speakers are in front of a sliding glass door (covered w/moving blankets).

One, possibly two ideas to resolve this:
1) Place sound blocking acoustical material in front of the glass w/ dead-space between layers.
2) Move speakers into a smaller room: 11.6' long (140") X 10.5' wide (126").

From your experience, is the second room is too small?

What removable materials could I put against the glass slider that would drastically reduce the sound?

System (106 db):
Wilson Sophia II
McIntosh MC501 500W monoblocks
McIntosh C500 tube preamp
Audio Research DAC7
Fully balanced system w/Transparent Super cables
Primare_cd31, yes the S3s sound better when they're spiked and leveled, especially in the bass region.

I'd recommend having your dealer do the WASP, and remeasure
the room before you invest in a lot of room treatments.

I just had my room modified and a different Wilson dealer set-up my speaker using the WASP method and they sound great. Off axis they don't sound as good, but in the sweet spot they are incredible.
I'm currently working with an acoustic engineer to custom a solution. I'll post new pictures and results once completed.
After measuremetns, etc, the acoustic engineer did identify the best seating position and speaker placement for my room without any treatment. One speaker was moved way off a side wall while my listening position was kind of being moved way off the centre of the room width axis. This position won't pass the WAF