mint best tractor gone?

Searched online but the web address takes me to a page of "related links". Is there a new website or is Yip out of business. It seems that just a couple of months ago I could find it.

Sorry to rehash very old thread. Seems like the shipping information on his site hasn’t been updated in 19 months. Is he still shipping his alignment tools?

MintLP seems to be defunct, sorry to day. Several emails by me and others have gone unanswered over the past few months.

Bummer,I used his Mint tracker to set up my turntable,or I should say Brian Berdan at Audio Element

I do not see anywhere on this web site what alignment the protractor is set to. For modern systems the best alignment is Lofgren B. It has the lowest distortion over most of the record. It is only higher at the very inside of the record which is avoided by most companies. You only set very thin run out areas on old classical records. Records with run out areas over 1/2" avoid the high distortion region entirely. 

The most versatile and the most well made protractor is the SmarTractor. It is expensive until you compare it to the cost of a turntable/tonearm/cartridge set up.  It is also the easiest to use and it gives you the choice of all modern alignments. 

If the Mint uses Lofgren B then it would be a very good protractor at a very reasonable price. If not ........

Very often in the past several years, rumors of the death of Mint have been exaggerated.