Mint LP provides Stevenson Alignment

First, I happen to own and like a Mint LP protractor, but over the course of time it has become obvious to me that no one up to now has pointed out that it is providing the Stevenson alignment.  I have even read several self appointed  experts here argue vehemently that either Lofgren or Baerwald alignments are far superior to Stevenson, but then go on to equally strongly advocate the use of the Mint LP.  If ever there were an argument that alignment is somewhat over emphasized in our hobby, this is perhaps a good example of the truth of that thought.  Recently I bought a Feickert protractor, which is very easy to use and have tried all the alignments using it.  I can hear differences, but not always, certainly not on every track of every record, and honestly they are all good.  So don't get you pants in a bunch over this trivial issue.
I have for years just used simple tools like a two point ruler and azimuth block from Hudson Hifi.
Oh and my ears....
Pretty happy with my results and a check with a real protractor showed it to be as close as needs to be to satisfy myself.
I very recently ordered and received a Mint Lp protractor from Yip. I ordered a 9 series, which are protractors he has already made for some of the more common turntable/tonearm combinations, in my case a Project Debut Carbon with a Project 8.6" carbon tonearm. In communicating with Yip he specifically told me the protractor for that specific combination, and what I would receive is based on Baerwald alignment.

billstevenson OP157 posts
02-04-2019 7:05am
"If you don’t specify a specific alignment when ordering Yip will provide you with designer intended alignment for your specific tonearm."

Not according to Yip. I asked and he told me his protractors are supplied using the Stevenson alignment model. Full stop.

Interesting. I first ordered a Mint tractor from Yip in 2008, when I asked what he generally uses, he said
" Far as possible I use Baerwald. More or less it has been proven by the many users feedback I have so far received.
Loefgren gives a better performance at the outer circles. But as it goes to the inner 70mm and closer, the magnitude of distortion creeps in."

That said in 2009 when I had him do a tracytor for my Pioneer Exclusive P10 / P3 - he said Stevenson without me asking.

What tonearm do you use Bill?       or perhaps he has changed his views, or more like he has a more detailed database to do what generally sounds better.

I have always found that the alignment that the manufacturer designed his tonearm with sounds best - Graham with the unique Graham jig, VPI with his unique alignment and jig - Japanese tonearms in gerneral - Stevenson.

Dearb @flatblackround  : """  Overhang as best I can estimate.  Eyeball cantilever alignment at two null points...."""

From where do you determine where exactly position have those null points ( each one. ), only by eyeball.

" Overhang as best I can estimate ": again : how do you determine the correct stylus tip overhang? which your reference? or from where came to you that " estimate " about.

Could put you some " ligth " for us that always are willing to learn?

Thank's in advance.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,