Mint LP provides Stevenson Alignment

First, I happen to own and like a Mint LP protractor, but over the course of time it has become obvious to me that no one up to now has pointed out that it is providing the Stevenson alignment.  I have even read several self appointed  experts here argue vehemently that either Lofgren or Baerwald alignments are far superior to Stevenson, but then go on to equally strongly advocate the use of the Mint LP.  If ever there were an argument that alignment is somewhat over emphasized in our hobby, this is perhaps a good example of the truth of that thought.  Recently I bought a Feickert protractor, which is very easy to use and have tried all the alignments using it.  I can hear differences, but not always, certainly not on every track of every record, and honestly they are all good.  So don't get you pants in a bunch over this trivial issue.
Dear @cleeds : This is not about who disagree or agree with me, this is not the issue and not my point.

Please let us know if you are using Stevenson alignment and after that let us know how many of the LPs you regulary listen to have those inner 3mm grooves. Because those are the issues from my post.

Btw, Stevenson alignment is absurd for the facts I pointed out: FACTS. From a total of recorded 86mm. St. has lower tracking distortion in 3mm. and in the other 83mm. recorded grooves higher tracking distortions. Don't you think that that alignment is absurd for say the least?

Where are you seated?  Löfgren alignments or Stevenson.


First off, I don’t claim ability to enlighten experts here.  I have enjoyed my records for a long time without  protractors like those mentioned in this thread.  The overhang distance is provided by the tonearm manufacturers.  I say estimate and eyeball because my ability to be precise in this regard is limited by hand coordination and failing eyesight.  I use machinist tools like small calipers to help. Once there, null points are determined with a simple paper printout hung on the spindle.  Perhaps this is a protractor, but I don’t know what type and I did not pay for it. These can be downloaded for free.  Final adjustment is eyeballing tangency of cantilever at the null points.  As noted earlier careful listening of test records tell me that I am close. 

those japanese tonearms that use Stevenson did it only by ignorance of those designers of what I posted here to bimasta.
Really Raul.

I have tried my P3 and P10 with Baer and Uni-din alignment.  I prefer the sound of Stevenson with these two Japanese tonearms.

perhaps it not the Japanese that are ignorant :-)
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@downunder : Perhaps not?, I have no doubt: do you? because is you who like it higher distortion levels in the 97% ! of the recorded grooves ! ! that you listen it and maybe not the 97% but 100% %.

Good for you ! !