Mint LP provides Stevenson Alignment

First, I happen to own and like a Mint LP protractor, but over the course of time it has become obvious to me that no one up to now has pointed out that it is providing the Stevenson alignment.  I have even read several self appointed  experts here argue vehemently that either Lofgren or Baerwald alignments are far superior to Stevenson, but then go on to equally strongly advocate the use of the Mint LP.  If ever there were an argument that alignment is somewhat over emphasized in our hobby, this is perhaps a good example of the truth of that thought.  Recently I bought a Feickert protractor, which is very easy to use and have tried all the alignments using it.  I can hear differences, but not always, certainly not on every track of every record, and honestly they are all good.  So don't get you pants in a bunch over this trivial issue.
... the VPI jig is not a particularly precise device and it is almost impossible to obtain repeatable results using it.
If the results are not repeatable, then it is by definition not precise. That’s not the kind of tool I’d want to be using.
... the alignment on neither side is perfect because of the imperfections of the records anyway. So alignment is all a set of approximations. The irrationality of all the fuss defies any semblance of logic.
That’s not the way I see it; I think it pays to start with as precise an alignment as possible. Consider the benefits of precise four-wheel alignment on your car. Roads aren’t level (they’re usually crowned by design), we don’t drive in straight lines or consistent curves, and roads are full of bumps and irregularities. But a good car handles better when the wheels are correctly aligned, regardless of the road.

In my view, setup is everything with LP playback. It doesn’t matter that virtually no LP is perfect.
Dear @downunder : I think that you as @billstevenson  want to win this discussion and both of you along those japanese tonearms that use ST alignment are way wrong and not because I say that or because I " only listens to specs, not MUSIC ".

No, boths of you are wrong because in reality did not READ what other gentlemans posted as what @hdm and me posted or what VPI designer posted somewhere. Let me explain why you just don't read the posts or for whatever reasons just don't understand it/misunderstood it:

"""  logic dictates Yip used Stevenson. the VPI alignment jig, Harry says its designed to have the least distortion in the last 3rd of the LP so similar to Stevenson. As we all know the last 3rd is the hardest part of any LP to track and play, hence why having the least distortion in alignment curves imo is the most important aspect..."""

hdm posted that he owns four MINTLP protractors: 2 Baerwald, one Löfgren B and one ST.

I posted a simple fact: ST HAS LOWER TRACKING DISTORTIONS IN THE LAST 3mm.  of a LP with recorded grooves in the last inner groove distance: 60 mm. where only a few LPs has it.

Where did you read about that 3rd last part of the grooved LP surface. ST advantage is only in the last 3mm.. Repeat: LAST 3mm.

Got it? or have to repeat again.

Btw, the VPI jig has nothing to do with ST alignment, the designer has not so lower knowledge levels on that regards.

@billstevenson Stay away from statisticians, sounds like they would drive you crazy, Bill! :-) 

FWIW, Yip is happy to make any protector to whichever alignment you prefer. He's done SME/Baerwald for me and is making an Audiomods/Baerwald for me as we speak. Cheers,

I recently bought a Feickert protractor. It is from the use of it that my observations concerning Baerwald, Lofgren and Stevenson are derived.
Good choice. If you're an engineer you will quickly realize how good this Feickert engineering. I have no reason to use any other protractors, i have no idea why people recommend that plastic Mint without PS ruler if the Feickert has all in one and much better quality for any tonearm in existence.  

In addition i would only add a magnifying glass and very good lighting. 

Chakster "i have no idea why people recommend that plastic Mint without PS ruler"
There is a misunderstanding here.  The Mint LP is made of glass not plastic and if used correctly it is capable of greater accuracy in my experience than the Feickert, although the latter is very close, close enough in my opinion.  As you correctly point out it is a universal protractor and it is considerably easier to use.  OTOH, Yip supplies the Mint with two magnifying glasses one of which is lighted, which is a nice touch.  For hobbyists with multiple cartridges and/or multiple turntables the Feickert is the most practical option.  But for the last word in accuracy the Mint LP is the best in my experience.
As to the point of my original post that all Mint LP protractors are Stevenson, that is not correct as attested to by several respondents here.  I stand corrected.