Mint Tractor

I'm sorry, I apologize, please forgive me for doubting all of you who have told me of the need for the Mint Protractor. I got it today, and just did a quick check to find that the cartridge is indeed off set up with the VPI protractor that comes with the Supercout/10.5i. I read the directions and it is a very tedious, and slow going procedure, so I'll get back in a while and tell you if I hear any differences.
Congrats there, Stringreen. What you describe in increased performance sounds very much like what I heard when I first used the MintLP protractor. The reason is very, very simple. Yip has not invented new math, or new curves, or anything else. He has just given us a more precise target.

I agree. Using this protractor correctly is time consuming and something of a pain in the arse. Yip will tell you that even with how much you have improved things you can still get it better if you keep working at it. He's a mad man! :-)
I believe you are spot on. Its tedious work at best but worth every cent. The biggest revelation IMHO are the jet black inky silences from which the music now erupts. My jaw dropped(believe me this is not a cliche) last night listening to Shelby Lynne - Just a little lovin.The improvement in my vinyl setup post Mint is spectacular.
Thank you Yip.
I'm glad to hear you're happy with your results. Downunder beat me to the punch with what he said about different verses wrong. The Mint and VPI methods may not agree but it doesn't mean the VPI is "wrong". As I understand it, no matter how you align the cartridge there will be two null points in the arc it subtends. Different alignment methods simply bias where these will fall to minimize distortion at all the other points along the arc. That's why alignment is largely a matter of taste. The Mint method satisfies most who try it which is why I think it's worth a try. I also think Yip provides a more precise tool for acheiving his method than Harry provides for his. I'm anxious to get mine in the mail and give it a try. Meanwhile, I'm glad to hear there's another satisfied customer out there.

The Mint protractor certainly is a pain to use, but oh so rewarding. Incidentally, Yip told me he uses a "custom" version himself that he wouldn't dare market since the line pitch is about a third smaller than what we're using. He does however report that it is even better than the stock model. Personally, I couldn't imagine that. BTW, Yip is located in Hong Kong (so there's no confusion).

Folks, I urge you to try a GOOD arc-based protractor custom cut for your arm. You'll scratch your head wondering why you didn't try it sooner. I know some folks stick tenaciously to their "universal" alignment protractors, figuring they are close enough. The difference is akin to watching a Quasar console from the 70's vs. a nice HD plasma'll get a picture on both, but one is certainly a more immersive experience than the other.

Good listening,