Mint Tractor

I'm sorry, I apologize, please forgive me for doubting all of you who have told me of the need for the Mint Protractor. I got it today, and just did a quick check to find that the cartridge is indeed off set up with the VPI protractor that comes with the Supercout/10.5i. I read the directions and it is a very tedious, and slow going procedure, so I'll get back in a while and tell you if I hear any differences.
I bought the Mint LP protractor recently but have not been able to yet do an alignment. Right now I keep swtiching carts so frequently since I had to send my Strain Gauge cart back to Soundsmith for an extra styli to be fit.

I can't wait to get my system settled so I can do a proper alignment, and experience Yip's excellent product. He was also great to deal with via email.

The one shortcoming I find of this entire process, is that I find it difficult to easily see the stylus tip on the protractor. I am using a 10X lupe in reverse, the 6X magnifier provided by Yip, and another brand of 10X magnifier I bought from B&H.

I wonder if there is some type of tiny fiber optic lens that could get very close and allow viewing from 6-12" away or further.
Emailists..I wear reading glasses (father time is creeping up on me), and found that the supplied illuminated magnifier worked best without my glasses. I also have the 10x loupe which I found very difficult to focus with my eyes...others with younger eyes would probably benefit. To find the proper focus...put the magnifier near the cartridge, and move your head farther and closer until the image is clear.
I still have not received my Mint tractor so can't add my alignment experience but let me say this about Yip's service. He obviously follows these threads because I hadn't even contacted him yet and I had an e-mail expressing his concern. He checked his records and has assisted me in tracking it down to the post office right here in West Des Moines. Evidently we've just been missing the mail man every time he tries to deliver it. Here's a guy with a great product at a very fair price and service that's really above and beyond. How often do you find that anywhere?
Doug's suggestion of unscrewing the clear base from the loupe really helps. I was able to use it that way with my progressive glasses on, and I am VERY farsighted.
I aligned my Benz LP with this excellent tractor this morning as directed. I find the results very satisfying already although I have some VTF adjusting to do. The cartridge had to come back about 2 mm to accomidate Yip's overhang and this has changed my VTF from 1.95 to about 1.87 causing a slight loss in bass weight. Hoping that increasing VTF slghtly won't throw off the overhang but so it goes.
My main question and minor problem is that the Scotch tape holding the tractor in place has left light marks on my super platter. Did you encounter this and if so did you get them off somehow. There's no adhesive residue and distilled water has failed to remove them. Maybe in time they'll fade.
The LP contiues to impress by the way. It's a fine cartridge.